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Meet the Staff

Dr Brian StressBrian A. Stress, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Stress is a Licensed Psychologist who has worked, and continues to work, with children, parents and individuals that are going through or been affected by a divorce/relationship issues since 1990. He has developed and hosted conferences for judges and lawyers on custody evaluations and continues to complete custody evaluations for parents, judges and lawyers with the ultimate goal of making recommendations so that the child(ren) from the relationship mature emotionally, cognitively, and physically to their utmost potential. Dr. Stress has provided thousands of adults, children, adolescents and families with counseling. He has an extensive history of assessing children, adolescents and adults for judges, lawyers and medical reasons.
Dr. Stress is married and enjoys spending time with his wife, family and dogs, playing hockey, biking, riding motorcycle, jogging, swimming, hunting for whitetail deer and game birds, rafting, hiking and spending time at the cabin.

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Nicole Myers, MS, LPC

Nicole is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has worked with thousands of individuals with relationship/divorce problems since 2000. She has extensive experience working with children, parents and individuals during and after the end of a relationship/divorce. Nicole has been very effective in assisting people in getting through the struggles of divorce and moving forward to a new life.
Nicole is married and has two energetic children. She enjoys her time with family, boating, camping, cooking, shopping, going out to eat, wine tasting and traveling.

Emma Ganther

Emma is the Front Office Assistant at Dr. Stress & Associates, LLC. She will help you schedule the appropriate appointment and works seamlessly to complete office tasks needed to ensure a professional job is done. She can also help guide you to our website resources. If you would like more information regarding Dr. Stress & Associates, LLC please call (713) 969-9554 or email .

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